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Developing a Carbon Monoxide Sensor and Air Purifying System 
Claire Tham, Victoria Low Huixin, Seraphina Chia Pei Ying, Laviin Gunalan,,,


Our research revolves around the development of an air purifier and a carbon monoxide sensor. The purpose of our air purifier is to solve the haze problem in Singapore. Carbon monoxide is harmful to the human body and the goal of our project is to solve the haze problem by removing harmful air pathogens from the air. This problem will be solved by building an air purifier system and carbon monoxide system to sense the amount of carbon monoxide in the air, and have the air purifier system purify the air of harmful air pathogens. By letting the amount of carbon monoxide in the air represent the amount of harmful air pathogens in the air, we tested our carbon monoxide sensor and air purifying system and tabulated the data. We concluded that our carbon monoxide sensor is successful in sensing the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and our air purifier system is successful in purifying the air of harmful pathogens. This is useful to Engineers because our design is different from regular air purifier systems which uses only one type of filter. Our air purifier system also filters many harmful air pathogens. This is definitely useful to people who live in Singapore during the haze season. 

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